Civil Rights Spring Break Trip

  • Fill out the "interest" form as soon as possible! In order for the tip to happen we have to see what interest we have from students 🙂

  • No payment is due right now, there will be a small non-refundable deposit that will cover a majority of your expenses on this trip

  •  If you have friends that would be interested in this trip, please encourage them to apply! 

  • The trip dates are: March 13- March 16 flying from Milwaukee to Atlanta 

  • We only have 18 spots, so PLEASE ASAP! 


Some of the highlights of the trip include: The Rosa Parks Museum, the Equal Justice Initiative Memorial to Peace & Justice, Dinner with Philip Ensler, Tour of Selma, walking tour of Freedom Park, The Bremen Jewish Museum Holocaust Exhibit, The National Human Rights Museum, and much more. 


We will be leaving Sunday, March 13 from Milwaukee to Atlanta and returning late Wednesday March 16 from Atlanta to Milwaukee.   


Lodging, meals, and transportation will be heavily subsidized. We do not want cost to be a barrier for participation and can work with students if that is the case.