Meet the Students

Looking forward to your first Shabbat dinner on campus? Curious about Jewish life on campus? Ready to explore your Jewish identity? Itching to flex your leadership skills?

Connect with any of the students below to ask questions and get connected! 

They've got a wide range of experiences at Hillel, in school, and outside of the classroom.

They're ready to talk about campus, classes, Jewish life, and more!

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Noah Brown


Hometown: Montclair, NJ
Activities at UW: UW Mock Trial, CRGC's Interfaith Fellow,

Canoe Tripping, Lifeguarding, Playing Piano and Guitar
Majors: History and Environmental Studies

Certificate: Public Policy
Freshman Housing: Sullivan
How Noah got involved at UW Hillel: Shabbat!
Fun Fact: Noah once had to mace a bear on a canoe trip!


Amy Regenbaum


Hometown: Deerfield, IL
Activities at UW: Greek life, Campus Research, NSSLHA, JLF
Major: Communication Sciences & Disorders

Certificate: Health and the Humanities
Freshman Housing: Chadbourne
How Amy got involved at UW Hillel: From her freshman year roommate, Hannah Silver!
Fun Fact: While in quarantine, Amy decided to learn Hebrew


Ari Kirsch


Hometown: South Bend, IN
Activities at UW: Greek life, Center for Religion and Global Citizenry, Badger Alliance for Israel (BAFI), Hoofers, and the Wisconsin Gymnastics Club
Majors: Communication Arts and Political Science

Certificates: Public Policy and Health and the Humanities
Freshman Housing: Kronshage
How Ari got involved at UW Hillel: Coffee with Hillel interns/staff and JLF Social Justice
Fun Fact: Ari got her cat through Hillel!

Ethan Sharp

Ethan Sharp


Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Activities at UW: Track Club, Rubik's Cube Club
Majors: Math and Economics
Freshman Housing: Ogg
How Ethan got involved at UW Hillel: Learned about Hillel through Micah and has been hooked ever since
Fun Fact: Ethan can solve a Rubik’s cube in 13 seconds


Aerin Leigh Lammers


Hometown: St Louis, MO
Activities at UW: ASM Student Government, PSSA, CASA
Majors: English, Communication Arts, and Political Science
Freshman Housing: Chadbourne
How Aerin Leigh got involved at UW Hillel: Friends dragged Aerin Leigh along and she ended up loving it!
Fun fact about Aerin Leigh: She loves to cook and bake!


Olivia Adelman


Hometown: Cleveland, OH
Activities at UW: Asian Languages and Cultures Club, Greek Life, JLF, Student on UW Hillel's Board of Directors
Majors: Chinese and International Studies: Global Security 
Freshman Housing: Sellery
How Olivia got involved at UW Hillel: Freshman year, Olivia joined JLF (Jewish Learning Fellowship)
Fun Fact: Karaoke is Olivia's favorite thing to do with friends

Aaron Cohen

Aaron Cohen


Hometown: Deerfield, IL
Activities at UW: Greek life, Madison Guitar Club, BAFI, JLF
Majors: Computer Engineering and Computer Science
Freshman Housing: Statesider
How Aaron got involved at UW Hillel: JLF!
Fun Fact: Aaron has summited the two tallest mountains in Colorado!

Hannah Silver.jpg

Hannah Silver


Hometown: Chicago, IL
Activities at UW: Tour Guide at Campus and Visitor Relations, CRGC's Interfaith Fellow, Badger Volunteers, Big Brother Big Sister program, and Wisconsin Admissions Volunteers
Majors: Human Development and Family Studies

Certificates: Jewish Studies, Leadership, and Education & Educational Studies
Freshman Housing: Chadbourne
How Hannah got involved at UW Hillel: Hannah went to Hillel's Welcome Back BBQ freshman year and has continued to come back to Hillel ever since!
Fun Fact: Her family collects PEZ dispensers (yes, like the candy!) and they have over 1,000 in their basement!

Camryn Oliff

Camryn Oliff


Hometown: Chicago, IL
Activities at UW: Greek Life, Humorology, Spoon University, Student Retail Association, Ambassador for Rent The Runway and GoPuff!
Majors: Retail and Consumer Behavior
Freshman Housing: Statesider
How Camryn got involved at UW Hillel: Camryn started going to UW Hillel as a freshman and decided to get more involved her sophomore year
Fun Fact: She's never had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich!