Incoming Students

“I love Hillel because it’s given me the greatest opportunities to meet new friends and do what I love." 

Ari K., Junior

Welcome Badgers! We want to get to know you!

Fill out our Class of 2025 Incoming Students form so that we can get to know you and your interests better before you arrive on campus!

A Little Bit About Us:


The Barbara Hochberg Center for Jewish Student Life, otherwise known as UW Hillel, opened in the fall of 2009 and quickly became the focus of Jewish life on campus. UW Hillel, located at 611 Langdon Street, is the perfect place to study, relax and eat. Comfy lounge chairs, pool and ping pong tables, and fire places allow students to cozy up and chill, while our fitness center allows students a way to stay active. Our dining rooms and kosher café provide great opportunities for conversation and delicious meals, especially on Shabbat.

At Hillel, students are always on our mind. UW Hillel is excited to offer learning opportunities for students to develop and enhance their Jewish identity. Programs and initiatives are the building blocks of every UW Hillel experience.

From Shabbat celebrations to weekly Challah baking, Hillel works to bring program ideas from diverse Jewish backgrounds to life.

Hillel is a home for:

  • Students with one, two or no Jewish parents

  • Students who have been to summer camp and students who haven't

  • Students who have become Bat/Bar Mitzvah and for students who haven't

  • Students who are believers and students who are skeptical

  • Day Schoolers, Youth Groupers, and Greek Lifers

  • Students who are LGBTQIA+

  • Sephardim, Mizrahim, Ashkinazim, and Jews by Choice

  • Students from the West Coast, East Coast, or No Coast!


UW Hillel has six pillars that are central to our mission and values.

At Hillel we encourage you to:


1. Study

Hillel has some of the most amazing spots to study on campus!


2. Meet 

Meet new friends at programs, though Hillel organizations, Jewish Learning Fellowship, and much more!


3. Learn

Delve into one of our many formal and informal learning opportunities at Hillel. Gain professional development skills through a Hillel internship!


4. Eat (of course) 

Who would we be if we didn't brag about our food? Join us for a Shabbat or Holiday meal, a meal during one of our many Jewish Learning Fellowships, or anytime of the week at our Kosher café, Adamah

5. Celebrate 

We offer two different services for holidays and Shabbat! Come celebrate your faith in a home that you can make your own! 


6. Bring Your Friends

The more the merrier! We love sharing our home with you and we hope you feel empowered to share Hillel with your friends too! 


All are welcome at UW Hillel. Our goal is to foster community and connections that make you feel right at home on campus.


Come join us for a Shabbat dinner specifically for first year students at the beginning of the school year. This is a great way to meet other first years while enjoying a delicious free dinner! Keep an eye out for dates and timing of the dinner.


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