Community Leadership and Involvement Team 

Position Overviews 

Below are the position descriptions for each Hillel Community Leadership and Involvement internships for the Fall 2021 Semester.


Please read carefully both the general requirements and the position specific information.  

General Requirements:  

What you do outside of Hillel: 

Engagement, Outreach, and Partnerships 

  • Connect with and engage at least 25 individual students and track your connections.

  • Connect with student groups and organizations to enhance programming and deepen relationships via 1-1 or group meetings, email, text, or coffee.  

  • Keep track of all of the above interaction via Salesforce and in conversation with your supervisor weekly.  

  • Invite student leaders, faculty members, and UW staff to share activities happening through Hillel via targeted group emails and personal invitations, Instagram and FB DMs, and flyers delivered to dorms, Greek houses, and other key locations.  

Goal Setting, Reflection, and Continual Improvement 

  • Develop a plan for how you will accomplish your engagement goals before the start of classes. 

  • Evaluate the success, areas for improvement, and opportunities after each program, event, or activity within 1 week.  

  • Complete a mid-semester and end of the semester self-evaluation.  

  • Attend weekly check in meeting with your supervisor for progress updates, feedback, planning, and direction.  


What you do in Hillel:

  • Be present at Hillel 

  • Come to at least one event or programs at Hillel weekly. 

  • Decide which events you will be attending each week with your supervisor at your weekly check in.  

  • Attending Shabbat at Hillel 5 times per semester 

  • Sign up in advance to attend and/or host Shabbat dinners and/or at Hillel 

  • Be welcoming! Show everyone love! Note: We will expand on this in intern meetings.  

  • Invite one faculty member and/or grad student to a brown bag lunch  

  • Deliver Badger boxes before Rosh Hashana, Hanukkah, and Purim to students whose families have purchased them as gifts or donations.  

  • Help deliver welcome bags to campus offices and orgs including, but not limited to: Chancellor, Dean of Students, Multicultural Student Association, Center for Jewish Students.  


What you do with other Interns:

  • Attend bi-weekly Intern meetings 

  • Engage in bi-weekly Chevruta Partner check-ins   

  • Keep the intern team updated about what you’re doing and who you’re meeting 


Specific Focus Areas: 

Each member of our Community Leadership and Involvement Team will focus on a particular area of the Jewish community on campus. Below are some examples of the types of things you’ll do as an intern.  

Tikkun Olam  

If you care about using your Jewish values to engage students in volunteer work, social action, and conversations about how we make the world a better place, this position might be for you!  


  • Create an action plan for Civic Engagement and Social Action for the semester.  

  • Recruit 5-7 diverse students for a Tikkun Olam steering committee  

  • Promote elections and voting education through social media campaigns, lectures, and experiences  

  • Recruit student volunteers for poll working, frozen food program, and other opportunities.  

  • Partner with community groups and student orgs to create at least one volunteer opportunity per semester   



If you’re a people person who loves to connect with people and help them find  their  place in the Jewish community and can’t wait to introduce people to their  new best  friends, this position might be for you!  

  • Connect with at least 50 unique students as described above. 

  • Determine an engagement path (using the 3 C’s) for each student you connect with.  

  • Create and lead POP UP Jewish experiences at Statesider, CCE, and Lakeshore dorms, and other locations on campus in coordination with your supervisor.  

  • Help coordinate and promote Welcome Week events and High Holidays at Hillel along with other Jewish and social programming and events.  

Greek Life  

Love Greek life? Love connecting with other Jews in Greek life? Excited about combining your love for sisterhood and brotherhood with you Jewish community? Then this position might be for you!  

  • Coordinate at least 1 large Greek life event/ semester with a goal of creating community among Greek and Jewish students 

  • Recruit at least 5 students to serve on a Greek Jewish steering committee 

  • Coordinate with Jewish life interns and Hillel Rabbis at least 1 Jewish occasion- on a shabbat, a holiday, or other Jewish occasion- for each Greek house that has Jewish Students.  

  • Host events for new Greek Life members 

  • Share info from Hillel with the Greek community.  

Jewish Life 

Excited about creating meaningful Jewish experiences? Ready to help others take the  next steps in their Jewish journey? Then this might be the role for you!  

  • Work with Hillel Rabbis to plan meaningful activities and opportunities to celebrate Jewish life and learning for each of the Jewish holidays that fall during the semester. Including but not limited to: Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, Simchat Torah, Shabbat, Tu Bishvat, Passover, World Holocaust Day, Kristallnacht 

  • Host Mezuzah making and tzedakah box events at the start of the semester  

  • Attend and help lead aspects of weekly Shabbat Evening Services and dinners.  

  • Promote and advertise Shabbat and high holidays through flyering in dorms, apartments, Greek houses, and academic buildings, texting students, tabling in key locations, and by making announcements at other programs and student events.   


Student Leadership  

Do you have some leadership experience? Are you ready to connect the Jewish community to other communities on campus? Do you look forward to working with other student leaders to make our campus a better, more inclusive place? Than this might be the role for you!  

  • Analyze and evaluate campus climate. 

  • Attend student leadership trainings with student leaders on other campuses.  

  • Create organizing resources: Power map, whip sheet, etc.  

  • Develop partnerships with other campus leaders through committees, student government, and other areas.  

  • Plan and host a large-scale campus event that build bridges between the Jewish community and other communities on campus.  

  • Develop and work with a committee of emerging Jewish student leaders 



Do you love Israel? Talking about it, learning about it, visiting, enjoying the food, culture,  and people? Then this role might be for you!  


  • Work with the Israel Fellow to host programs and events for Israel interested students.  

  • Act as a liaison to other Israel related groups on campus  

  • Support and plan ongoing events like Café Ivrit, Israeli Cooking Class, and the Israel Learning Fellowship as well as one off events like speakers and Café Aroma.

  • Help connect students to Israel opportunities like Birthright Israel, Onward, Masa, etc. 


Do you have things to say? Enjoy creating web content? Love engaging people online and can’t help but reading the comments? Then you might be a perfect Communications intern!  

  • Gather and create content for Hillel’s social media  

  • Engage Hillel’s community online through commenting, tagging, and sharing.  

  • Create flyers, draft emails, and text messages tailored to Hillel’s audiences.  

  • Edit and help maintain Hillel’s website.  


    Looking to build your professional skills and gain experience connecting with and engaging alumni? Do you have superior writing skills, attention to detail, and are highly organized? Are you creative and interested in learning about digital fundraising?  

  • Assisting with marketing and development efforts across a number of different channels including email, website, Facebook, & texting.  

  • Help create images for ads and emails, writing copy for both stewardship (aimed at creating a connection with the donor) and solicitations (aimed at raising funds from donors), and managing texting campaigns.  

  • Be responsive and an active communicator while working virtually with Hillel’s development team using Zoom, Slack, and email