Jewish Holidays

UW Hillel runs a full program of services and meals for the High Holidays, Passover, as well as

other festivals and holidays.

High Holidays

Spend the New Year with Us!


We need the High Holidays more than ever this year, so we've prepared a ton of different ways for us to celebrate the new year and reflect on the year we're leaving behind. Keep in mind that as circumstances change on campus, we'll be making adjustments to our programs and schedules, but no matter what we're going to be celebrating as a community. ​

In person activities will be limited and the details are TBD. 

Meal registration is COMING SOON

Take a look at what we've got in store and scroll down for our calendar with more info, including links to register. 

Have questions about anything? Send us an email:

Chag Sameach! (Happy Holidays!)


Sukkot is referred to as "the time of our happiness." Throughout the holiday, we express joy outside in our two Sukkahs. Our rooftop Sukkah is used for meals and programs and our front sukkah is the perfect place to enjoy a meal of your own or from Adamah Neighborhood Table. Immediately following Sukkot is Simchat Torah where we celebrate completion of the Torah reading cycle.


Each year Hillel offers unique Chanukah celebrations based on when the holiday falls during the semester. Past events have featured latkes at Gordon Dining Hall and Late Night Latkes

during exam week.

Hillel celebrates with candle lighting, by playing dreidel, and eating delicious latkes and sufganiyot (jelly donuts).


Purim is one of the most joyful days of the Jewish year, a day of costumes, noisemakers, sweet treats, and sending gifts to both friends and the needy. Hillel hosts Purim festivities full of fun booths decked out with delicious food, arts and craft activities, and our famous "Ask the Rabbi" station.

It's a can't miss!


Hillel provides Seders, holiday programming, and Kosher for Passover meals. All Kosher Catering is provided by Adamah Neighborhood Table. We know that many seders can be tedious, so we cater towards your needs with different seder themes. During Passover, we gather as a community and campus, sharing stories, questions, and matzah.