Jewish Life on Campus

“Hillel has given me so many amazing things, but most of all it has given me an amazing Jewish community filled with so many people I love. It really is what allowed me to make our big university feel small and I could not be more grateful to the incredible staff and students who have helped make Madison my second home." 

Hannah S., Junior 

What's Jewish Life like on campus?

Currently, UW-Madison has more than 40,000 students and approximately 4,200 undergraduates and 800 graduate students are Jewish. The university fosters inclusivity by ensuring that the voices of all religions and cultural groups are heard.

Most recently, in light of the Tree of Life synagogue shooting, UW students, Jewish and non-Jewish, along with the Madison community, came together to support and share their stories. In acts of anti-semitism, students come together to discuss the problem and determine the best route to educate their peers and spread awareness. Throughout the Jewish community at UW, Jewish students are encouraged to speak up, challenge and teach classmates the meaning of being Jewish. Additionally, UW Madison is accommodating when it comes to Jewish holidays. While classes continue during High Holidays, students are able to be excused from class or change the date of an exam for religious purposes without their grade being penalized. Football game times have even been changed to allow Jewish students to attend High Holiday services!

The UW-Madison campus has a strong, vibrant Jewish community that gets stronger with every incoming class. There are many opportunities for religious, educational, cultural and Israeli engagement. Being Jewish on campus is something that students take pride in, often sharing their Hillel experience with their non-Jewish friends.

With Jewish life blossoming on the UW campus, UW Hillel is the perfect place to develop Jewish identity and foster strong connections. UW Hillel offers a wide array of opportunities for Jewish students of all backgrounds and interests to connect with Jewish life and their own Jewish story and journey, ranging from learning opportunities to discussions about current Israel events, and so much more. 

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