Jewish Learning Fellowship FAQs

How is JLF different from other programs?

JLF is run by Hillel International’s Office of Innovation, in partnership with local campuses and communities. Our educators bring to bear a wide variety of Jewish backgrounds, experiences, and philosophies. Some of them are rabbis. You can apply for a scholarship for participating in JLF, if you like. We are also a pluralistic, non-denominational project. We do not believe there is “one right way to be Jewish.” We also have a cooler looking logo.


What do I have to do to earn the scholarship?

To receive the scholarship you must (1) Attend all ten sessions on time and attentively, and (2) Attend a Shabbat evening experience.


Who is eligible to apply for the fellowship?

Since most JLF seminars meet at a local campus Hillel, eligible applicants are currently enrolled as undergraduate students at that university or one of its affiliates. While JLF is a program rooted in Jewish study and in Jewish community, we do not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation.


Do I need a certain Jewish background to participate?

No, no background is necessary. JLF is open to students from a wide variety of Jewish backgrounds, expressions, and experiences!


But I'm so busy.

JLF meets once a week, for 10 weeks, for an hour and a half. And we feed you. You have to eat sometime, right? Additionally, to make it worth your while, you should know that Fellows earn a  scholarship at the end of the semester.


How many fellows are there?

Each seminar will have 20-25 fellows.


Do I have to wear a black hat or grow a beard to participate?

Um, no. We usually wear jeans, but you do you.


How do I apply?

Applications will generally be available twice a year, once in the Fall and once in the Spring. Once you complete the brief application, you may be invited in for an interview. You can find the application links above.

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