"My Hillel internship has been a great way to develop myself professionally, grow my relationships with my fellow interns and supervisors, and learn how to apply myself in a project-based role that helped me grow!"

Lauren F., Junior

Be a Hillel Leader

Calling all innovators, entrepreneurs, movers, and shakers! Hillel allows you to make your ideas come to life, to create programs, and lead on. Our leadership opportunities provide professional development, collaboration, and the chance to make your mark as a Jewish student leader.

Intern at Hillel

What Does a UW Hillel Internship Entail? 


At UW Hillel, our goal is to set our interns up for success by helping them gain necessary tools and experiences to take into the real world long after graduation. UW Hillel provides students with opportunities to explore their Jewish identities while also strengthening their leadership abilities. Interns are all members of the Hillel Student Leadership Team, with the overall goal of bringing the Jewish community on campus closer together.

UW Hillel’s internships are great opportunities to have a positive impact on UW Hillel and campus, as well as build professional skills, and grow your resume.

Explore the internships we offer



Jewish Learning Fellowship 1.0 Intern

JLF 1.0 Interns will develop an inclusive, pluralistic, and curious atmosphere for Jewish learning at Hillel. As a JLF 1.0 Intern, you will engage with and help lead class participation. Jewish Learning Fellows will organize one social event or program for the community such as a brunch or barbeque. Fellows will also help recruit students for next semester’s cohort through cofee dates and meet and greets.

Jewish Learning Fellow

Social Justice Intern

JLF Social Justice Interns advises the planning of curriculum and help UW educators lead sections of the class weekly. Interns will also organize one direct service initiative, either once or ongoing, such as volunteering at a local soup kitchen once a month or Good Deeds Day. Fellows will also help recruit students for next semester’s cohort through cofee dates and meet and greets.

Holiday & Jewish Life

Using the Rabbis as a resource, Holiday and Jewish Life Interns will plan programs for Jewish holidays and help to develop inclusive, pluralistic, and creative holiday celebrations.


 If you're ready to help students explore new, exciting, and traditional ways of observing Jewish holidays and engaging with the Jewish calendar, think about being a Holiday and Jewish Life intern! 

Shabbat Intern

The Shabbat intern will work with our Rabbis, student leaders, and other organizations around campus to create meaningful Shabbat experiences for students. 

If Oneg Shabbes (The Joy of Shabbat) is the best part of your weekend and you're excited to help other people find what they're looking for; spiritual, social, or otherwise, than this might be the position for you! 

Israel Intern

The Israel Intern will help work to create engaging and meaningful Israel related programs, help students connect with opportunities to travel to or study in Israel, and a whole lot more!


If you're bursting with ideas about what role Israel programming and Israeli culture can play in our Jewish community, this might be the position for you!



Social Media Management

Social Media Managers will spearhead Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok campaigns, highlight diverse student perspectives, and capture the UW Hillel experience. Interns should have an eye for design as they will create many posts and stories that match the Hillel image and aesthetic. Social Media Managers will use the social platforms to advertise upcoming events as well as highlight past programs.

Journalism and Public Relations

Journalism and Public Relations Interns will aid in writing weekly content for Hillel's e-newsletter. Interns will gain hards on journalism experience by writing content to be published monthly in Madison Jewish News. Writing content will be about innovative programming at Hillel, exciting offerings on campus or around the city, and current events that strengthen the Jewish community.

Photography and Videography

Photography and Videography Interns will document UW Hillel events and happenings throughout the year. Interns will be responsible for taking photographs and videos, as well as editing the images and film. This position requires access to professional photographing and filming equipment, most of which can be rented from the IMC in Vilas Hall.

Campus Leadership


Greek Life

The Greek Life Intern will collaborate with UW's Greek Houses to plan  partnered events. Interns will also work with the Shabbat Partner to host Greek Life Shabbats. The Greek Life Intern will build and maintain relationships with leaders and students in Greek Houses by keeping an open line of communication with Panehl and IFC. Interns will create specialized gifts, flyers, and social media posts to be given to each House throughout the semester.

First Year Experience

Interns will connect with first year students on campus through dorm-specific programming and meet ups. First Year Interns will reach out to incoming first year students and respond to inquiries from prospective students. Interns will also help coordinate and promote welcome week activities.

Campus Partner

Campus Partners will collaborate with other campus faith groups to host an interfaith Shabbat and a Sukkot meal. Additionally, interns will collaborate with other UW student groups (faith, cultural, etc) to plan at least one general program per semester. Partners will foster relationships with other campus leaders and give updates to the Hillel Student Leadership Team and UW Hillel community about other campus groups’ events that the Jewish community can support.

Civic Engagement 

Civic Engagement Interns will work to increase student voting and civic engagement amongst college students and other young voters. The civic engagement program focused on identifying, engaging, and empowering the next generation of informed voters. Civic Engagement Interns will learn about student voting behaviors, develop projects to register voters, increase voter turnout, and deepen students’ engagement in the civic life of our community through college and beyond.