Jewish Learning

At Hillel there are a ton of ways to engage in Jewish life. Our Jewish learning classes are some of the best options for exploring Judaisim, meeting new people, and finding your place on campus!  


With deal with everything from life's big questions, to wrestling with current events and our obligations to each other, UW Hillel has something for everyone (and usually something to eat, too)! 

Jewish Learning Fellowship

10-week immersive experiences that explore life's big questions​, social justice, and more.

Did we mention there will be food?

Contact Micah Ariel-Rohr for more information

Yiddish Language and Culture


An exploration of radical, traditional, and mystical Yiddish culture. 

A little language, a little culture, and a little bit to eat.

Nu? You should try it!


Contact Micah Ariel-Rohr for more information

The Struggle Is - REAL

Today Jews hold many viewpoints and opinions about what should happen in Israel and Palestine going forward. Share, listen, and engage with important issues from a multitude of perspectives in this seminar. 

Contact Rabbi Andrea for more information

Israel 101

Explore Israel, its history, its relevance and its connection to the Jewish people so you can be more articulate and be able to join the conversation.

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