Student Stories

Our students love UW Hillel! Here's why.

At UW Hillel, our goal is to educate, engage, and empower. We hope that by enhancing the lives of students, they are equipped to enrich the Jewish people and the greater community. Hillel welcomes everybody with a mission of fostering community, whether it be through weekly Shabbat services and dinner, learning opportunities, or special events like guest speakers.

Here's what students have to say

“Over the past four years, Hillel has become one of the most influential parts of my time at the University of Wisconsin. Hillel has seen me evolve from a student, into a staff member, and leader on this campus. The best memories I have at Hillel are centered around high holiday services, which created a sense of community for me. I'm so grateful to have been involved with Hillel and hope to be back soon! On Wisconsin!”

Alex S., 2020 

“Rabbi Steinberger and Hillel’s wonderful staff have all gone out of their way to make each and every student feel like they have a community at such a large school. Every week, I looked forward to participating in JLF as I was guaranteed stimulating conversation among friends. I can’t thank Hillel enough.”

Chase W., Junior

“Going on Birthright with UW Hillel ended up being one of the best decisions I have ever made. Not only did I make friends for life, but I also formed a strong connection to the Hillel community. In the past two years, I have become extremely active at Hillel. Thanks to the UW Hillel staff, and the friends I have made over the past two years, Hillel is a place that I now call home.”

Peri C., Senior 

"At UW Hillel, I was given the opportunity to be a leader and be

a part of programs such as interfaith dinners and JLF social justice. Hillel allowed me to realize the importance of finding an inclusive community, one where anyone is accepted, which has led me to be the student I am now."

Yogev B., 2020 

Need more reasons?

Here's what student's have to say about our learning initiatives

“The Jewish Learning Fellowship at UW Hillel gives us a very special community. It creates a safe space to have intellectual conversations. It introduces us to friends we would not have encountered in our busy lives. Each participant has held their own in contributing diverse opinions. We have created a respectful and nonjudgmental zone, which I know we all look forward to on Wednesday nights.”

Lucy C., Junior

“I’m extremely grateful to UW Hillel for introducing me to JLF. The Jewish Learning Fellowship creates a community that can’t be matched anywhere else. I’m so glad Hillel has given me a platform to be able to advocate for social justice and help others do the same.”

Ari K., Junior

“JLF at UW Hillel was the blessing I did not know that I needed. After enjoying conversation and vegan challah in class, I knew I was where I belonged. I have met so many amazing people and had authentic discussions about Judaism. Our differences in opinions and views are not only embraced, but encouraged. I plan to use the resources I’ve gained to advocate for social justice in my daily life.”

Molly A., Junior

“I joined JLF to be part of meaningful conversations about what it means to be Jewish. I loved being able to discuss what Shabbat means to us or how Jews can be better at practicing Tikkun Olam. As a JLF Intern, I became a part of my peer’s Jewish journeys as well as my own.”

Jordan R., Junior