The Struggle Is - REAL

Today Jews hold many different viewpoints and opinions about what should happen in Israel and Palestine going forward. This seminar is an opportunity to experience listening and being heard across deep differences of ideology and background, and to develop the skills needed to create stable conversational spaces on campus. We will create an environment in which we can see our differences more clearly, and build a framework in which we can have non-toxic conversations which get to the heart of the issues at hand. We will practice articulating our ideas; we will read narratives written by Israeli and Palestinian historians. We will look at proposed plans by today’s Israel politicians about a two-state solution, about annexation, and about how peace is possible. This program is available to any student with any amount of Israel experiences or knowledge.

Meets Fridays 12:00-1:30 pm • Lunch Provided 

University of Wisconsin Hillel - The Barbara Hochberg Center for Jewish Student Life

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