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Hillel Internship Program

There’s something special about the Jewish community. At Hillel, Interns lead the way in helping the more than 4,200 Jewish students on campus plot their Jewish journey. We don’t believe that there is one right way to “do Jewish,” but we do know that one of the best ways to share the meaningful experiences, relationships, and community that make our campus special is through the work done by our Interns.  

Each semester Hillel offers between 15-20 student leaders a chance to build the Jewish community that they want to be a part of at the University of Wisconsin-Madison through relationship building, networking, and crafting meaningful experiences.  

Connect with Students  

Whether you’re meeting people at Shabbat dinner at Hillel, taking a new student out for a coffee or Ice cream, hosting a thought-provoking conversation, or just enjoying time spent with other Jewish students, as a Hilel Intern, you’ll do your best to help students connect with and explore what it means to be a part of the Jewish community.  

With the support and training of Hillel’s professional staff, you’ll use your own experiences, interests, and social networks to build Jewish community. 


Grow and Learn Together 

Being a leader takes work! Thankfully, there is no shortage of examples of different types of leaders in the Jewish community. Through a combination of formal training and informal experiences, we’ll explore what roles we can play in the community and develop the skills that we need to be in community with other people. Together, with the rest of the Hillel interns and the program board, you’ll think about where your Jewish journey can take you and get closer the people who can support you on the way.  


Develop a Relationship with a Jewish Mentor

Each week, you’ll spend an hour or so checking in with a supervisor on Hillel’s professional staff. You’ll set goals, learn how we build community, develop leaders, and help facilitate Jewish life on campus!

Plan a program, event, or initiative

Depending on your role, you’ll work with your supervisor, fellow interns, and other interested students to do...something! It could be hosting a social or educational event, an initiative at Hillel, or coordinating a trip somewhere - use your creativity and people skills to take Jewish life to new heights. 

Be a leader in the community

As a leader in our community, you’ll also play a role in creating and facilitating other types of experiences through Hillel. You’ll participate in welcome week programs, connect with people outside of the community to share what we do and speak about Jewish experience, connect with students looking to be involved in Hillel over coffee (or ice cream), and generally be an engaged member of the community!  

Plan and host a Shabbat experience

Shabbat is a big part of what we do at Hillel and it’s a part of every leadership experience we have! As an intern, you’re responsible for creating a Shabbat experience- anything from hosting a Shabbat dinner in your apartment, to hosting a group of students at Hillel, or creating a special Shabbat for the entire community.  

Attend Twice Monthly Program Board Meetings

As an intern, you’ll take a leadership role on Hillel’s program board. You’ll help plan and facilitate meetings, follow up on ideas and conversations that come up, and contribute to our culture of student-driven and student-led Jewish community.  

Specific Focus Areas: 
Each Intern will focus on a particular area of the Jewish community on campus. Below are some examples of the types of things you’ll do as an intern.
Have something else in mind? Let us know!

  • Tikkun Olam

    • If you care about using your Jewish values to engage students in volunteer work, social action, and conversations about how we make the world a better place, this position might be for you!

  • Student Engagement

    • If you’re a people person who loves to connect with people and help them find their place in the Jewish community and can’t wait to introduce people to their new best friends, this position might be for you!  

  • Jewish Life 

    • Excited about services, spirituality, holidays and Shabbat? Ready to lead and help other students get involved in planning and leading Jewish holiday celebrations and activities? Then this might be the role for you!  

  • Campus Partnerships  

    • Do you have some leadership experience? Are you ready to connect the Jewish community to other communities on campus? Do you look forward to working with other student leaders to make our campus a better, more inclusive place? Then this might be the role for you!  

  • Israel 

    • Do you love Israel? Talking about it, learning about it, visiting, enjoying the food, culture, and people? Then this role might be for you!  

  • Communications 

    • Do you have things to say? Enjoy creating web content? Love engaging people online and can’t help but read the comments? Then you might be a perfect Communications intern!  

  • Development and Fundraising

    • Looking to build your professional skills and gain experience connecting with and engaging alumni? Do you have superior writing skills, attention to detail, and are highly organized? Are you creative and interested in learning about digital fundraising?  

  • ​Civic Engagement Internship 

    •  Make an impact in the community and apply to be a Civic Engagement Intern! Register fellow students to vote, inform students about the candidates and issues, plan non-partisan voter education events, recruit poll workers, and help drive turnout on election day. 

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