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Hillel Voter Information Center


Looking to make a difference in the community?

Apply to be a Hillel Civic Engagement Intern! 

When: Spring Semester 2024 (January - May 2024)

What: Register students to vote, work the polls, host nonpartisan voter education events, and more.

Email for more information

Register to Vote in Wisconsin or Back Home!

You will need to register or re-register if:

  • You are a first-time voter

  • You have moved to a new address (or even changed apartment numbers)

  • You have changed your legal name since the last time you voted


How to Register (Click an Option!)​

  1. Online

  2. By Mail (in Wisconsin)

  3. In Person (in Madison)

  4. Register on Election Day in Wisconsin

  5. Register out of State



BadgersVote is a campus-wide initiative that strives to provide University of Wisconsin–Madison students with everything they need to know in order to participate in their elections. The BadgersVote Coalition is comprised of many individuals, units and departments across campus and the city of Madison.

To get involved, click here!

College students have a choice to vote either in their “home” state, or their “school” state, as most meet residence  requirements to vote in Wisconsin.

Why vote in Wisconsin as an out-of-state student? 

Your voting process will be easy! You can vote in person early or on election day, and don’t have to worry about an absentee ballot arriving on time to your home state

You will be voting in the state and locality where you spend the most time and see the daily news.


Hillel Civic Events

Stay up to date on Hillel Civic Events & Opportunities by emailing us!


Upcoming Election Info

Wisconsin Elections:

  • 2024 Spring Election and Presidential Preference - Tuesday, April 2, 2024

  • General Election – Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2024 


You can only vote once per election cycle, in one location. You cannot vote in Madison AND a separate home district.

You can only vote at your polling place on election day.


Click Here to Find Out Where You Vote!

Click Here to See What's on Your Ballot


Voter Identification & Requirements

Acceptable forms of identification include a valid Wisconsin driver’s license, Wisconsin state ID, U.S. passport, U.S. Uniformed Services card, Veterans Affairs ID, tribal ID or Certificate of Naturalization.

The address on your ID does not matter; the purpose of presenting your ID at the polls is to prove your identity. 

Students without one of the forms of ID listed above can obtain a UW–Madison voter-compliant ID card free of charge, which is valid on its own if it’s unexpired. If your voter-compliant ID card is expired, present it at the polls together with a Voter Enrollment Verification letter .

To get a voter compliant ID by electronically, Email from your email address, put “Voter ID Needed” in the subject line, and attach a picture of your Wiscard to the email.

You will receive a PDF of the voter-compliant ID, which you must print out and sign.


Useful Resources

Click Here for Voting Guides for all 50 States

Text Service

Students and members of the campus community are encouraged to sign-up for the new BadgersVote Text alert to be kept up-to-date on elections and civic engagement.

Simply text the word BadgersVote to the number 47020.

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