Challah braiding is a fun way to get to know others and get a free snack! Each week, the toppings are different!

Contact Sophie for more info!

Every Thursday @5pm!

Pick up is on Friday 



Come connect and study some Torah with Rabbi Judy Greenberg! Studying traditional texts to explore questions in our lives today! Build community and find meaning!

All are welcome! 

Located on the 4th floor at 9:45 am on Fridays! 

Contact Judy for more info!


This gathering is open to all seniors who are looking for some connection and some conversation and a space to be with other seniors. This is a great opportunity to lessen your anxiety and to try to make sense of this crazy world we live in.  

Contact Adrea for more info!

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Join other graduate students and young professionals in our Graduate Chavurah. Our Chavurah, Hebrew for Fellowship, will explore Jewish stories, share experiences, and build community. 

Contact Micah for more info


Jewish Learning Fellowship

JLF is a 10-week experiential, conversational seminar for students looking to deepen their understanding of Judaism on their own terms. Led by Rabbi Andrea, Rabbi Judy, Micah, Shelby, Sophie, and Lidor, we’re interested in asking big questions. You know, the big stuff — like 'Who am I?' 'What communities am I a part of?' 'What is worth my commitment, and why?

We're proud to say that we make no claims about the “right” way to practice or not to practice Judaism. Our job is to help you explore and find your own place, on your terms, in Judaism’s Great Conversation. At JLF, we'll break bread together each week. We’ll also invite you to coffee, spend a Shabbat together, and help you feel connected to next steps and alumni offerings after JLF ends. In addition to gaining knowledge, JLF fellows also can earn a scholarship at the end of the program. ' 


JLF 1.0
Life's Big Questions

JLF 1.0 is an opportunity to take a step back from our busy lives and enter a non-judgmental space to slow down and ask questions of personal meaning. How do I take a break? How can conflict be productive? Where does gratitude fit into my life? What is important to me? We will eat dinner and build community while exploring these questions, as we try to find a place for Jewish wisdom in our lives.

With Rabbi Judy & Sophie 

Wednesdays 6-7:30 pm 


JLF 2.0
Sex, Love, and Romance

Let's unpack the hookup culture. Let's talk about gender, sexual agency and stereotypes that we hold. Let's ask questions like: Do soulmates exist? Does Judaism have anything to say about how much sex is too much? Not enough? How is queerness understood in the Jewish tradition? We will eat dinner together each week, all while exploring these intense and important questions about intimacy and relationships.

With Rabbi Andrea  


6-7pm – Open to students in Greek Life 

7:30-8:30pm – Open to all students

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JLF Social Justice

Together we'll explore the connections between Jewishness and justice and examine where we're living up to our values, where we come up short, and what we might be able to do about it! We'll wrestle with some of the big stuff: power, inclusion, equity, race, policing, ecology, and more. We'll get to know each other and learn to see how we can use our Jewish learning to build a better world. No topic is off limits. 

With Micah

Fridays at Noon

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JLF: Israel

Want to learn about the Israeli culture through food? This is your chance!  

Join our Israel fellow Lidor for meaningful sessions discussing the Israeli culture, art and society by making traditional Israeli food. 

Every week we will cover different subject and will make together delicious food. 


With Lidor 

Tuesdays, 6:00-7:30pm

The End is the Beginning: 
Kabbalah for Senior Year 

This gathering is open to all seniors who are looking for some connection and some conversation and a space to be with other seniors. This is a great opportunity to lessen your anxiety and to try to make sense of this crazy world we live in. 

With Rabbi Andrea & Micah 

Meets 1 Tuesday evening each month

Join Kabbalah
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Kol Yisrael

Kol Yisrael is a six-week learning cohort, led by our Israel fellow Lidor. We will face with some of the most lively questions in Israeli society today. We will take deep dives into six of Israel’s minority communities: Holocaust survivors, Mizrachim, Ethiopians, Russians, Arab-Israeli/Palestinian citizens of Israel, and Druze. Everyone is welcome to join! Participants will receive a stipend for participation, distinct from the JLF stipend. 


With Lidor 

Fridays, 12-1pm 

Join Kol Yisrael


College students have a choice to vote either in their “home” state, or their “school” state, as most meet residence  requirements to vote in Wisconsin. We're here to help you get voter ready! If you have questions about voting, visit our Voter Information Center or pop by Hillel to talk to someone in person!

Why vote in Wisconsin as an out-of-state student? 

Your voting process will be easy! You can vote in person early or on election day, and don’t have to worry about an absentee ballot arriving on time to your home state

You will be voting in the state and locality where you spend the most time and see the daily news.


UW Hillel Fitness Center


Per Semester: $99.00

Full Academic Year: $175.00

Day Pass (available through 9/9): $6.00



Monday - Thursday: 10am to 10pm

Friday: 10am to 5:30pm 

Saturday: closed

Sunday: 10am - 7pm

Closed summers and school breaks


Open to all students  




UW Hillel is proud to offer enhanced Birthright Israel experiences for its students and peers throughout the midwest. Unlike many other Birthright trips, Badger Birthright partners with Israeli soldiers who will be traveling with Hillel the entire trip!​ Immerse yourself in all that Israel has to offer, gain new perspectives, and make lifelong friends on Badger Birthright!

Questions about Birthright?


Click here to contact our Israel Fellow!


Student Leadership Delegation

Are you a leader on campus? Are you intrigued by new experiences, willing to challenge your assumptions, and ​ready to see nuance and complexity? If that sounds like you, you might be ready for Student Leadership Delegation!

Contact Micah for more information.