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Hillel's Civic Engagement Internship

About the Internship

The University of Wisconsin Hillel Foundation is seeking Civic Engagement Interns to increase student voting and civic engagement amongst college students and other young voters. The University of Wisconsin Hillel is passionate about creating a civic engagement program focused on identifying, engaging, and empowering the next generation of informed voters. As a team, we are dedicated to identifying emerging campus leaders, engaging them, and supporting them with the skills and resources they need to empower their peers and community members to create a lifetime voting habit.  


Interns will engage best-in-class resources to learn about student voting behaviors, develop projects to register voters, increase voter turnout, and deepen students’ engagement in the civic life of their community through college and beyond. 


Interns will work with one another, with campus partners (i.e. Morgridge Center for Public Service, Badgers Vote Coalition), and national partners (i.e. NAACP, Students Learn Students Vote Coalition, Andrew Goodman Foundation) and others to encourage students to participate in the political process and overcome barriers to students' full participation in civic life.  


Interns will learn organizing skills, deepen student engagement in civic life at the UW-Madison, develop projects and materials to increase student voter registration and voting, attend civic engagement training(s) and learning experiences, and create relationships with peers to help sustain lifetime voting habits.  


Hours: Approximately 5-10 hours per week from Mid august through December, 2022.  Work hours are flexible, but students will need to be able to attend weekly cohort meetings, check-ins, and other activities, including during evening and weekend hours. Applicants are NOT required to submit a cover letter and resume as part of the application process.  



Our ideal candidate is someone who believes themselves to be:  

  • A top performer who brings high levels of energy and enthusiasm; 

  • Self-starter who can collaborate actively with other team members; 

  • Strong critical thinking skills; 

  • Leadership and achievement in academic, professional, extracurricular, or volunteer settings; 

  • Detail-oriented, well-organized, fast learner, and can multitask; 

  • Good humored, relational, independent, and flexible (creativity helps too!) 

  • An affinity for youth civic engagement; 

  • Passionate about civic engagement and voter turnout; 

  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite 

Examples of Duties and Responsibilities: 

  • Planning for innovative, bipartisan voter registration drives 

  • Utilizing technology to connect students with voting resources  

  • Hosting and moderating a policy debate for students from all parts of the political spectrum.  

  • Developing and sustaining relationships with peers to encourage a lifetime voting habit  

  • Researching and staying up to date on voter registration rules, processes, and policies  

  • Hosting informational civic engagement sessions  

  • Attending all cohort trainings, meetings, and one-on-one meetings with internship supervisors  

  • Serving as a Poll Worker on Election Day if willing and able 

  • Other duties as assigned 

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